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Crown Prince receives Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of Urban Heritage

  • Prince Salman: All efforts I exerted for developing urban heritage were supported by Allah and encouraged by all the state's kings I worked for and the cooperation of many individuals and entities in the region
  • Prince Sultan bin Salman: His Royal Highness's acceptance of the award doubles it value and enthuses for more efforts in the urban heritage restoration and preservation
  • His Majesty King Abdullah’s Cultural Dimension project is an unprecedented achievement in heritage preservation

His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Sa'ud - the Crown Prince, Defense Minister and Chairman of King Abdul Aziz Foundation, received the Life-time Achievement Award for Urban Heritage from Al Turath Charity Foundation, headed by SCTA President, Prince Sultan bin Salman, tonight in a glittering ceremony that was held in Al Murabba' palace seated in the King Abdul Aziz historical center. Among the ceremony's key attendees were HRH Prince Muhammad bin Sa’d bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy Governor of Riyadh province, and HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy Minister of Defense.

At the beginning of this event, Prince Salman inaugurated the exhibition "A march through Urban heritage", which was organized by King Abdul Aziz Foundation, Al Turath Charity Foundation, King Fahd National Library, High Authority for the Development of Riyadh, and the SCTA.

The event started with the speech of Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Nasser Al Dusri, President of the Saudi Urban Heritage Association, in which he thanked Prince Salman's acceptance of the Award, which he received for his achievements in developing and rebuilding urban heritage in Riyadh.

The award-winning Prince saw, as part of the ceremony's program, "Urban Heritage Preservation" documentary film which displayed his achievement in this field. Later, he received the book: "Salman's pioneering role in urban heritage" from HRH Prince Muhammad bin Sa'd bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy President of the Life-time Achievement Urban Heritage Award Committee.

HRH Prince Salman in his speech in the ceremony stressed that all efforts he exerted for developing urban heritage were supported by Allah and encouraged by all the Kings of the State he worked for.

His Royal Highness said : "I was brought up as a child here in Al Murabba' palace, with the founding king, then I could work with his sons (all successive kings) till the reign of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdul Allah bin Abdul Aziz, whose strenuous pursuit of development launched the State to modernity."

"This is our unifying homeland, and as all of you can feel as I feel, I would thank you for your care about your King's health and well-being, and I tell you that King Abdul Allah's health is stabilized, and I pray for this country to have more welfare and prosperity."

For his part, HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman asserted that Prince Salman's acceptance of the award doubles its value and enthuse more efforts to be done for urban heritage restoration and preservation.

"This award is given to key figures whose efforts contribute much to encouraging urban heritage preservation and raising social awareness of urban heritage importance and preservation," Prince Sultan added.

He proceeded: "National history glorification is a noble aim that should be achieved by developing its heritage sites, and improving its children's awareness and love of their country's heritage."

"Riyadh witnessed great urban heritage development achievements, most notably through ascribing Al Dir’iyah heritage site on the UNESCO's heritage sites' list."

"After Saudis becoming more aware of the value of their heritage and its potential contribution to our economic progress, urban heritage development process achieved significant success. There are many projects that are now being implemented for preserving historical City Centers, and we are working on restoring as many of the ruined historical sites."

"We need to manifest our culture in these historical sites… and I expect urban heritage development achievements and projects will be fruitful all around the kingdom. SCTA, with the cooperation of the Ministers of Education, and Higher Education, will launch new cultural programs for enhancing society's knowledge of urban heritage and social awareness of its importance."

Noteworthy, HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman, President of the Supreme Committee of the Award, announced launching the prize in a press conference that was held in 2005, and it was dedicated to honoring achievements of developing and preserving of urban heritage sites all across the kingdom.

The Award has six categories: Urban heritage project Award, Urban heritage preservation Award, Urban heritage researches' Award, Life-time achievement Award, Award for the Architecture and Planning college students, and Human Dimension Award.

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